Richard Tanner's great passion is making music for worship.

As Organist and Director of Music at Blackburn Cathedral, from 1998 to March 2011, he was responsible for one of the most wide-ranging musical programmes in any English Cathedral, which included nine choirs and involved approximately 150 singers. At Blackburn he introduced externally funded choral scholarship and outreach projects, founded the Friends of Blackburn Cathedral Music, co-ordinated the restoration of the world class organ, organized thirteen foreign choir tours, began dialogue with a local school exploring the development of a choir school, directed numerous broadcasts and recordings and established the inclusion of top professional orchestras and period instrument ensembles in worship and as Artistic Director of a concert series.  

From 1993 to 1998 he was Director of Music at the Civic and County Church, All Saints’, Northampton, where he founded the girls’ choir, developed a choral scholarship scheme and considerably increased the number of boys singing in the choir.  

He had previously directed the Bromley Boy Singers and the choir of men and boys at Exeter College, Oxford.

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